2 new things

I’m not a terribly creative in the kitchen but fortunately for me, other people are and these are new food things I’ve discovered recently from two of my favourite food bloggers…

The crispy egg from Smitten Kitchen

Because I’ve never really like fried eggs, my preferred egg cooking method is poaching or hard boiled. This though is fantastic, just try it. I’ve been having them on top of quinoa hash and I think they’d be great on top of the spinach and chickpea thing.

Taco chilli from Back to Her Roots

I made this on Sunday.  Seriously good and perfect given my slightly hungover state.

I did make a couple of changes, some of them were US to UK language and measurement issues. Tomato paste is tomato puree. I used 800g (the size of the packet) of turkey which is slightly less than 2lbs. I also used chickpeas and black beans instead of kidney beans. Finally, I used half chilli powder/half smoked paprika (need to buy some more chilli powder!)

Having said that, this ticks all the boxes. Simple, lots of favour, doesn’t require difficult ingredients and makes loads for the freezer.  I ate a bowl straight with yogurt and cheese on top but this would be good with rice or really anything you wanted to throw at it!



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