Sometimes you have a perfect weekend. It’s just the right amount of busy, social and restful and that was what my weekend….

There was cake.20140804-095007-35407773.jpgNephew, who thinks that Grandma and Aunty Nic are Daddy’s sisters. Yes, we did set him straight…20140804-092105-33665018.jpgFamily shenanigans on park equipment…and this is my current favourite photo of Ben, Lu and Oli.20140804-092106-33666361.jpgBig leaf and stick collecting…20140804-092105-33665802.jpgSunday morning breakfast was Breakfast Apricot Crisp, which with a bit of yoghurt is a great way to start a day…20140804-092107-33667218.jpgA clearing out session in preparation for a new wardrobe! There were 4 bags to go to Oxfam and two massive rubbish bags for the dump..20140804-092107-33667919.jpgA lunch of Saturday’s leftovers, in fact there is no need for cooking or shopping for food this week, the fridge is packed!20140804-092108-33668595.jpgNot pictured are watching Oli play with Kathy and Adam’s two children, banana bread, three episodes of Sharpe (Ma and I are working our way through them!), a walk through Walpole Park and a little bit of shopping.









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