Simple Potato Salad

Seasonal eating is something that I do to a certain extent, I don’t buy expensive, flavourless imported strawberries in winter but I would suffer if I could only eat a peppers in the summer, as it is I do eat less peppers in the winter but mostly because what I want to eat changes with the seasons. In summer, I tend to eat much more simply, instead of stews and soups, I lean more towards salads and cold things.

One of the best things about this seasonal change of appetite is that every winter and summer, I re-discover foods that I haven’t made or eaten for a year or so and this weekend it was the basic potato salad.

photo 3

This weekend, Christelle came over and I hadn’t really planned on what to feed her, I had some potatoes that I’d planned to use in the week when friends came for dinner, that didn’t happen and it was too hot to use the oven just for my dinner. Christelle and I bought some nice ham, cheese and bread and I made this.

I was suddenly reminded of how good potato salad can be. I was at Adam and Kathy’s for barbecue yesterday evening and made it again to take as my contribution. It complemented pork and apple burgers perfectly and was a hit with the toddlers!

photo 4

It’s also really simple. Cook some new potatoes (you may want to cut them in half or quarters) bung them in a bowl, chop a couple of spring onions in, some pepper, then a scoop of mayonnaise and an equal amount of wholegrain mustard. Mix it up, until the potatoes are coated, add more mayonnaise or mustard to taste. If you have an objection to mayonnaise  that comes from a jar (I do not, I used Hellmans Light!) you can make your own.

That’s it, nothing fancy or complicated about it, just simple and easy and really good to eat in the summer.

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2 Responses to Simple Potato Salad

  1. nimmiafzal says:

    Its amazing!! Sooo yummy!! Really i feel like eating some😃😊

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