Friday Night Cocktail

This weeks drink is all about leftovers. I know, it sounds weird, it is a bit strange. However, I can’t abide waste and every week when I make the blueberry or cherry compote for my breakfast pots, there’s leftover liquid. I don’t want it in my yoghurt so I pour it in a jar and bung it in the fridge. Is not quite juice and it’s not quite syrup and it seemed like a waste to pour it down the sink.


So I put it in the saucepan and cooked it until it reduced down and was a jammy syrup and this was born. (If you don’t have the leftover juice/liquid, and why would you, take some blueberry jam, heat it up and sieve it, that should do as a replacement.)


I wanted to use vodka in this and I’m really keen on grapefruit at the moment, I think it must be an age thing as my love of sour things has really grown, I wouldn’t go near a grapefruit in my 20’s, now I actually eat the things…



1oz vodka

2oz pink grapefruit juice

1oz blueberry syrup/jam


Add ingredients and ice to a shaker. Shake and strain into a rocks glass with ice.



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