Friday Links

We’ve made it to Friday! Everyone still in one piece and looking forward to the weekend? I am just about, I have the cold of doom…again. As I keep saying, it won’t actually kill me, I’ll just want to die! Anyway this week’s links…

1) The cutesification of everything.

2)There is a pecan shortage, which is worrying as I’m making pecan pie for Thanksgiving at Kathy and Adam’s tonight! (Yes I know it was yesterday but doing Thanksgiving on a schoolnight would be too much over here!)

3) The high price of low wages.

4) Confiscated toys. I may have to take a trip to the Museum of Childhood for this, it’s been years since I’ve been there.

5) Thursday’s Steve Bell Cartoon.

6) Ann Perkins on David Cameron’s plans for stopping ‘benefit tourism’

7) The Pope has to address equality for women and LGBTQ people if he wants to tackle economic issues.

8) The cost of being single. I actually thought that some of the examples here weren’t great, but what seems to come across in the comments is that the resentment is less about the money and more about the general assumption that if you’re not in a relationship, you’re not a valid and useful member of society.

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