3 Responses to What I’ve Read – January 2013

  1. myfitfoot says:

    An eclectic mix there to keep things interesting!

    I’ve read (reading) three books this month a standard John Grisham romp called the Racketeers which I really enjoyed but it got more and more transparent towards the end.

    Secondly was The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim … it’s a charming story set & written in the 1920’s about 4 discontented women who ‘take’ a castle in Italy for the month of April. I would never have read it if it was not for the fact that it was on ‘The Happiness Project’ reading list but I enjoyed it’s lightness and it made me smile.

    Finally, I’m 3/4’s through Telling Stories by Tim Burgess. Mr Burgess being the lead singer of The Charlatans of course. Oh my goodness it’s like a wander through the music / fashion scene of my youth think The Hacienda, Madchester, Flares, Stone Roses, The Word etc.
    It’s a great read.

    • nicdempsey says:

      My reading and music tastes are very varied, some might say schizophrenic but it keeps me on my toes. I’ve never read a John Grisham book, I know people that love him but I don’t really do thrillers. I didn’t know that Enchanted April was a book before it was a film! Telling Stories sounds like fun, it’s so strange to be at the age where you can read about stuff you remember happening in you youth. It makes me feel old though!

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