Four things

Four things that are making the week better:

1) Lemon and Ginger tea


I may have mentioned how much I love this tea before, it wakes me up and I’m sure the vast quantities that I’m drinking at work is partly responsible for my not catching any of the bugs currently flying around the office – seriously, it’s like working on a plague ship around here, five of our 10 person team are currently out sick. Also experience has taught me that I like the Twinings stuff best.

2) Being Tidy


Clearing and re-arranging the cupboard seems to have woken up the part of my brain that needs order to function (which usually I ignore!). I’ve spent this week trying to be more aware of putting things away as I use them and keeping on top of things during the week. It does mean that I need to do a little bit more than washing up during the week but the extra 10 minutes a day is really helping me feel in control and making mornings suck less!

3) M&S Autograph Mattifying Primer


I love Benefit’s Porefessional but it’s expensive and this is the year of fiscal responsibility, this stuff is less expensive, ok it does come in smaller tubes but I seem to need less of it and it makes my skin feel great, helps my make up go on better and has stops me being shiny.

4) Menu Planning


I started to really seriously menu plan a couple of months ago, I do love a spreadsheet!  Although December was a bit of a free for all, I’m really glad to get back to it. I plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, making sure that I’m ultilising what I have in the freezer and cupboards and plan a shopping list and weekly ‘task’ list for food. I pin the list to the fridge and knowing what I’m eating stops any mindless snacking, controls my budget and there’s always enough leeway in the plan to change if I fancy something different or end up not eating a meal, which tends to happen at the weekend.


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5 Responses to Four things

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    I love your meal planning chart I think I’m going to have to try that! also cauliflower cottage pie sounds amazing you’ll have to share the recipe soon!

    • nicdempsey says:

      Thanks, I find that it really helps. On the other side is the shopping list for the week as well! As for the Cauliflower Cottage pie, I need to get it right so it may take some time!

  2. myfitfoot says:

    Well done on finding a quality alternative to your primer.

    I did a similar thing last year with handcream changing from Clarins (£15) to Soap and Glory (£5). It smells great and feels expensive.

    • nicdempsey says:

      M&S relaunched it’s beauty ranges a couple of months ago and they are really worth looking at. The Autograph make up range is great and I’ve been happily using one of their face creams which was about £9.50, so not bad at all. I love the feel of the Soap and Glory stuff but I can’t be doing with the scent, I say this having just come back from the gym and used the body cream so can really smell it right now! I normally use the Garnier Body Repair handcream, I have tubes of it all over the flat!

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