Countdown to Christmas Goal Update


I was so good for the first 3 days of this week, then I had a migraine on Tuesday and that threw me a bit.

1) Do a plank a day of a minute or over (52)

Done: 40.   Target: 50  Remaining: 12

I on Saturday and Sunday I did 3 planks over the course of the day. Two on Tuesday and Friday. Can I do 4 a day for the next three days? Unlikely.

2) Log 1820 fitness minutes (35 minutes a day)

Done: 1335.  Target: 1715  Remaining: 485

Not the stellar week, I planned. I got a long walk in on Sunday, but the additional time was due to unexpected walking.

3) Walk or run 260km (5km a day)

Done: 164.  Target: 245  Remaining: 96

Failed to complete the week’s target by 1km and didn’t catch up at all.

4) Do 1040 sit ups (20 a day)

Done: 770.  Target: 980 Remaining: 270

I have tried but I’m not going to catch up in time. I still hate them. I’m thinking that in the new year I need to find a set of simple exercises to do 3 times a week, it may be back to the dreaded pyramid circuit!

5) Do my knee exercises and stretches 104 times (twice a day)

Done: 98.  Target: 98  Remaining: 6

I only did one set on Tuesday but I had one in reserve! It’s a pain remembering to do these, but it’s so worth it for most pain free knees!

6) Have 26 alcohol free days

Done: 21  Remaining: 5

Ok, so this was a better week. but there are three more day until Christmas and I’m probably going to be having a drink every day until the 27th! A fail but not as bad a fail as I was expecting. I have been surprised that I drink less. Ok, so not on Wednesday but at the Grace Christmas party I had 2 glasses of wine and a small whisky. The moderate drinking gene does not run in my family so it’s nice to see that I could be developing it in a small way!

7) Eat 364 servings of fruit and vegetables (that’s 7 a day)

Done: 345.  Target: 343  Remaining: 21

The smoothie really helped with this target. My eating hasn’t been very clean recently but do think that the fruit and veg has helped with my energy levels. I’ve also noticed my eating patterns. During the week, when I pack my lunches and plan my menu, it’s much easier, at the weekend, I tend to go a bit mental, so this is something to think about improving next year.

8) Be thankful every day for 52 days.

The hardest thing about this has been remembering to update the page. I have a lot to be glad about!

9) Be in bed at 10pm for 35 days.

Done: 29.   Target: 34.

Better this week but I need to get this back on track in the New Year.


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