The Weekend

This weekend started early because I had Friday off.

To go to the Sanctuary with Christelle. This was a present from Christelle for doing a reading at her and Mike’s wedding and being the witness and storing the wedding dress for 8 months..

So a day of lounging about, chatting and massage. There are worse ways of spending time.

By the time we finished there, we were pretty tired and I went home to a phone call from godson no. 1 and a general chat about life, the universe and Ryan’s travel plans for next  year. Ryan has had a tough couple of years and he’s coming out of it and making plans and generally being lovely.  Then Friday Night Pizza, this time with a new base from here, using yogurt instead of kefir and spelt flour that was 60% wholemeal spelt and 40% white spelt flour, I’m incapable of remembering what I need to buy unless I write it down, it worked as well but I need to remember not to overload it with toppings..

On Saturday, I pottered around the house and then went to meet Ma for the theatre, which due to a signal failure (thanks TfL) I nearly missed. I did get there in the nick of time and I got to assist some very confused American tourists on the Tube. Growing up and living in the city, I forget how overwhelming it can be to suddenly find yourself in a city, hopefully they’re a little less confused now…

The theatre was Uncle Vanya, the acting was great but it’s Chekov, people spend hours complaining that they are bored, that their lives have been or are being wasted and then they do precisely nothing to change that. Ma was far more irritated by it than I was and is about to put Chekov with the Greek plays as stuff she should avoid because she ends up wanting to slap some sense into all the major characters, I am of the opinion that they could do with a bit of stoicism…

After the Russian gloom, we thought a drink would be in order but the American Bar was too busy as was Rules. In the end we went to Bedford and Strand and worked out the logistics of Christmas. Ma is coming to mine for Christmas, mostly to avoid having a Christmas tree, which means that for the first time in ages, we will decorate the tree on Christmas Eve as is tradition…yay..

Then we went home, except I left my phone in the bar and had to go back for it. Thank goodness for honest people who hand stuff in and yes I am so very, very lucky.

I had a ton of stuff to do on Sunday morning and instead I read. Ma came over at midday, in the hired car, so we could go and put some flowers on the ‘plague’* and there were irises so we had to have them…

Then some food shopping and off to buy some compost. Homebase was full of Christmas Trees, which is it far to early for.

Home and I potted up a mint sprig and pruned the plant in the bathroom. I’m taking cuttings from it but I hate chopping back plants even though I know it’s better for them in the long run.

Sunday night prep for the coming week and so to bed.

What did you do at the weekend? More exciting than mine? (wouldn’t be hard!) or prep for the week to come?

*Grandad wrote us a letter with his last wishes and said that he wanted a plague next to Iris’ rose bush, instead of a plaque.

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