Dressing right..

Last year, Ma took me to Sweaty Betty and bought me an exercise outfit (trousers and top).

Before that I’d exercised in cheap (read cotton) track suit bottoms and cotton tops, there was nothing wrong with this, it was what I could afford and I wasn’t at all ashamed of it, I still got in shape. However, the Sweaty Betty stuff was amazing, it was sweat wicking, it fitted properly and I didn’t spend all of the exercise sessions I did pulling them up or down. More than the practical, they were flattering, they made me look, if not good, better than I felt.

They also washed well, dried quickly and after 6 months of quite a lot of use still look really good. I know, I really do how bad things are at the moment and I’m well aware that things are going to get a lot worse (in the UK they are anyway) and I am aware that spending money on fancy workout gear is the last thing that most people can do. If you have money to spare (I’m not advocating getting into debt) and you are exercising, the money should be spent on decent trainers. However, if you have decent trainers and you can afford it, decent workout clothes are worth it, for what they do for the workout (I know it sounds precious). They’re worth it, you’re worth it.

Anyway, I love my workout gear and for Christmas, I was given some vouchers for Sweaty Betty,  on Saturday, I used them and bought another pair of workout trousers and a top. As I was unpacking them I noticed this in the bottom of the bag…

Now I love Sweaty Betty even more….

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