Snow, Snow, Snow

In England, we’ve had a really mild winter. Then last week it got cold. Actually, it just got normal for the winter in England. On Friday, there was snow predicted and everyone got panicky in the way that only the British really do (ok, only really the English do). I’ve spend the week saying “but it’s winter, what did you expect?”.

We’re not exactly living in the frozen tundra, in Central and Eastern Europe it’s been really cold. In the Ukraine, over 100 people died due to the weather (it’s minus 19C), in Bosnia, a place where they’re used to snow, they’ve just declared a state of emergency and Sarajevo is at a standstill due to the snow. In Venice, the canals are beginning to freeze over and in the Netherlands the lowest recorded temp in 27 years of -21.8C has been recorded. On Saturday, Russians were protesting about the upcoming presidential elections in temperatures of -15C.

In the UK, it’s colder than it’s been so far this year.  We’re on an amber alert for weather. In London, it started to snow at about 6pm on Saturday night, was still snowing at 11pm and overall we got about 4 inches and it settled. However, as I have been saying all this week, it’s not that cold. Yes, it’s cold but the Thames isn’t frozen over and it we have had snow like this for the last 3 or 4 years. Seriously, it’s time we learned to deal with it or at the very least stopped moaning about it. Yeah, I know I’m moaning about the moaning but my point remains.

Meanwhile, pretty pictures, even though I managed to leave the house without my camera..

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