December Goals Recap..

December was interesting, I had to re-adjust to full time work, deal with being the new girl and I’d committed to doing things through December assuming that I wouldn’t be working (bootcamp, cooking for Jonny’s resource weekend, having Oli overnight). It was a bit busier than I expected. Despite that, I feel that this has been a calm month with very little drama and with lots of good stuff – this is a bit of a miracle for me in winter, so all good. Right the goals..

Exercise 3 times a week

Pass-ish. I was doing really well with this until this week, when Christmas and a migraine just wiped me out. I did my first body pump class in three years and it felt really good and I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym next week.

Get to a 1.5 minute plank, from my toes

Pass. In fact done on 3rd December. I still don’t like them though!!

Walk 100k in the month

Fail due to lack of measurement. I was doing alright and there were some notable days, like the day I walked 7k without leaving Ealing, this was also the same day I didn’t sit down from 7.30am to 5pm!! Then I stopped to measuring my walking and have no idea how I finished. I’m going to attempt this again next month maybe using a pedometer.

No coffee until 15th Dec and no more than twice a week for the rest of the month

Pass. It may not seem like a big thing to others, but coffee was the thing that I WOULD NOT give up, so to be in a place where I don’t require a vat of coffee every morning to function feels like an achievement. This won’t to be a goal anymore, although I will keep an eye on it because there’s more bootcamp in February and I will have to forgo it entirely for 6 weeks.

Drink 2 litres of water a day

Pass. I do really well when I’m at work but had to be mindful of it when I wasn’t at work. Lesson is to make sure that I have my water bottle with me at the weekends.

Spend 21 days or more without drinking alcohol

Fail by 2 days. Still it was Christmas and I drank way less than usual for December, so I feel good about this.

Continue to eat mindfully

Pass. I think I did pretty well, I didn’t have a Christmas weight gain so all good

Take lunch to work every day

Pass. This really helped keep me on the straight and narrow in terms of my eating and spending too.

Have a clear out of my books

Pass and fail. I took a loads of them off the shelves, gave a heap of them to Max and have a bagful of them in the cupboard but I haven’t got around to giving them away or blogging about them though.

Sew for 25 hours

Big fat fail. I don’t think I did any sewing this month, adjusting to working full time again and just being really busy this month meant that I didn’t get around to it.

Commit to housework spreadsheet

Again with a pass and fail. Did really well in the first half of the month and failed in the run up to Christmas and the flat, whilst not actually a pit, is in need of some attention. Which is how I intend to spend at least some of today!

Did anyone else have goals for Dec? For 2011? How did you do?

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