The importance of having goals..

If last week was ‘don’t do anything but housework and cross-stitch’,  this week is ‘get off bum and go do things’ week.

This is caused by the realisation that it’s mid-way through August, Greenbelt is next week and to quote Game of Thrones, ‘Winter is Coming’, well if not winter at least Autumn.

Come the end of September I’ll have to fire up plug in the wake up lamp. Every year the end of Summer comes as a shock. Although I’m not great in extreme heat (hey I live in England so that isn’t often a problem!) I love the light. In winter, I struggle with the dark mornings and nights. If I could just hibernate from October to March, waking up for family birthdays and Christmas, that would be just fine.

This is a long winded way of saying that I need to exercise more. I know that exercise affects my mood in a positive way and I know that I need to be exercising on a regular basis before it gets dark. Otherwise, I’ll just get a bit SAD and run to my bed to hide under the duvet, probably with an enormous bar of chocolate and enough cake to sink a ship!

This year has taught me that I don’t do well without a goal, what really got me training this year was training for a race. So I’m signing up to another race. A 5k in September and I’d like to do it in under 35 minutes.

Time to ramp up the running and exercise.

It’s just that time…

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