This is my favourite photo of Tina.  She’s in her kitchen and it conveys (to me anyway) the way she is always moving!

I’ve known Tina since I was 16 and babysat for her children, Christina and Tom, who are both ‘responsible’ adults now. I lived in their house for a while in my 20’s and as role models go, she’s a fabulous one (although really she would utterly reject any notion of her being a role model at all!).

She’s responsible for me owning a magimix for which I paid her in cake, the only thing she doesn’t cook. I still remember my horror when Tom told me that he knew how to bake a cake, you started with opening a box. The horror….

Aside from cake she is an amazing cook, she doesn’t make a big deal out of it but I’ve never had a bad meal at T & C’s! In fact a lot of the staples of my cooking started as something I ate at Tina’s and she is entirely the reason that I can make jam.

Cooking isn’t the only thing she’s taught me though, good places to go for a walk in Ealing, how to just get on with it and not to be silly about things, the importance of surrounding yourself with people that enrich your life, how to agree to disagree and the importance of houses being clean, if not tidy!

I’m very lucky to have had strong women in my life as role models and Tina (as much as she would tell me not to talk nonsense!) is one of them. So there..


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