Friday Links: Judicial Review

Happy Friday!

Too tired to cook. Too easy to open a packet. It’s not our fault we eat junk

‘In London there is no space at all’: the rise of self-storage as rents soar

‘You have no security’: the households affected by no-fault evictions

Bus fares: £2 cap in England extended to end of October. Using the buses out of London, it cost me £4 return from Newcastle to Warkworth, previously it was about £7. It’s not such an issue in London (a single is £1.65 and capped at £4.50 a day!) but outside of London can make a massive difference but really like with the trains, it’s time to renationalise bus services

Give customers a fair deal or else, finance regulator warns sector. It’s funny when I see something in the paper that has been a huge thing at work. Consumer duty is a major strand of our work at the minute and it’ll be a massive change in thinking too…

Westminster forgot its promises to ‘coastal communities’, and left them to rot. Kind of did it to the entire country with the exception of their mates..

Sunak’s summit was a sedative, not a cure

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