Friday Links: From Coronation to Eurovision

Happy Friday!

I wasn’t that happy with all the wanging on about the coronation, how it’s moved to wanging on about Eurovision. I’m not sure which is worse, I guess at least my taxes aren’t paying for Eurovision? Anyway here are this week’s links…

Women-only housing for Britain’s new class of handmaids – how is that progress?

‘Spreading faster than ever’: Bangladesh’s tea pickers have world’s highest rate of leprosy

Gardeners urged to ‘keep it local’ when creating a wildflower meadow. I don’t have a meadow, but what pops up on the allotment is rye grass, couch grass and plantain and bindweed, dandelions and cinquefoil. This year there has been some red clover (which I try to leave alone.) Nowadays, I get californian poppy, red orache, some aramanth, cornflowers, marigolds, borage, verbena bonariesis, thyme and oregano. From Tana’s plot next door, lambs ears and forget-me-not. I’m big on leaving most of it where it grows, provided it’s not in the way although I do have to cull the cornflowers a bit though!

If you think decent homes for all is an impossible dream, take a look at Vienna

Ditch your spade, forget fertiliser, listen to the weeds: Alys Fowler’s guide to laid-back gardening. I’m not sure that I agree about the weeds but I do like the idea of a landrace….

Yes, the Met police threw royal protesters into cells for no good reason – but at least they regret it

Cheerless Rish! leaves the Commons cold after election disaster

Labour and Lib Dems can win big by calling out the Brexit mess

I’ve been an NHS consultant for decades. Here’s how to end the junior doctors’ dispute

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