Monday Miscellany: COVID recovery

Happy Monday!

It’s been a while, COVID knocked me on my behind and it’s taken a couple of weeks to recover. I had a a week and a bit of feeling like I should be fine, but being quite snotty, coughing and being completely exhausted. I was working but also going to bed at 8pm and sleeping for 10 hours.

It’s looking a bit more finished than this now

I did manage to work and do a couple of other things, there was a smear test. Unpleasant, but five minutes of embarrassed discomfort every three years is better than months of chemo or death. Yes, that is quite dramatic, but I’ve had abnormal cells detected and laser treatment and Ma has had abnormal cells and a cone biopsy. So why take a chance?

This is also why, when they call me in for a mammogram sometime after I turn 50, I’ll have the damn thing, I probably won’t enjoy it but if NICE says I should have it, this is how you mitigate risk. Go and do your health tests!

Ma and I spent a day putting together the wardrobe and the storage thingie I’d bought for the bedroom. The wardrobe is great, the storage unit is also great but not for the space. I want you to know I did measure and it does fit. It just doesn’t look right.

We have a plan, it will look brilliant in the kitchen and provide some much needed storage (yes I know it’s a new kitchen and there are more cupboards but you never have enough!) and the white cupboard can move into there. However, neither of us were up to that, I think that’s an Easter project! For now, things are slightly more tidy but I’m still waiting for a date for the living room floor and the snagging. The building team that did my kitchen have just had a team member die, so I’m not expecting it to be soon and I’m more or less resigned to it taking some time before the flat will be sorted. Slow and steady is the mantra, it’ll take some time to sort out. My only concern is seedlings as we’re in prime sowing time.

I did have a bit of meltdown on Monday, when I discovered that one of my new fridge freezers wasn’t working, it under warranty and I have a spare but it would have been a disaster if I hadn’t as they aren’t coming to fix it until this coming Tuesday. Then the washing machine had a blockage, it’s an easy fix it but the floor got an unexpected clean while I did it. Not to self, you need to check the drain regularly when the washing machine is off…

I started to feel better towards the end of last week, which was good, I saw Jo and Miss T on Tuesday, we when to the Science Museum and Jo and I tortured the 13 year old by being middle aged, I think there were some complaints about the nagging being in stereo! When your parent and godmother met in history and politics A level classes, it’s foolish to put them in a museum with an exhibition about the history of scientific instrument making in London and expect them not to read everything! I am completely unapologetic about it too, which poor T finds trying!

Tall godchild and shrimpy friend

Ma and I also went to Shefford for a belated Mother’s Day, early birthday celebration for Laura and to see the result of their building work, which was absolutely amazing!

Barney, my favourite nephew!

That’s pretty much been all the fun for the last couple of weeks. This week is busy. I’m in the office four days and one of those days is in Southampton. I also have all sort of exciting things arriving on Tuesday and I really need to get to grips with a routine at home that involves more office days. However, we’ve passed the vernal equinox and the clocks went forward so spring is springing and my brain is waking up…it’s about damn time!

Have a good week!

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