Monday Miscellany: Sick

Happy Monday!

Well, it’s been a week! On Friday 3rd March, I came home, to a kitchen that still wasn’t finished and the cold that had been threatening all week making itself felt.

Reader, it wasn’t a cold it was COVID. Add to the list of things I don’t recommend happening to you at all, let alone when your flat looks like a tip and you don’t have a finished kitchen! I spent the best part of five days in bed, while the decorator was finishing the kitchen. That was finished on Wednesday.

I also managed to give it to Mum, which was just perfect, my friends are wonderful though, offers of food and shopping were immense, I’m very lucky.

On Thursday, I was back WFH in the ruins of the flat, sounding worse than I felt, but testing negative. Over the weekend, Ma and I have done some unpacking, there is more work to do, on Wednesday, some bedroom furniture arrives and I can finish.

Then before the end of the month, I need to clear out the living room for the flooring in there to be done and then that should be it for work to the flat for at least another 13 years!

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