Friday Links: You can try and fix the protocol but you can’t fix the Tory Party..

Happy Friday!

This deal could have been struck in 2021 – but the last thing Brexiters wanted was to get Brexit done

Sunak should remove the whip from Johnson – it’s the only language he understands

Number of UK children in food poverty nearly doubles in a year to 4m. Can we stop separating out types of poverty, it’s not food poverty or period poverty, it’s all poverty..

You can blame the weather and Brexit. But there’s more to the UK’s food supply crisis

Israeli settlers on the rampage isn’t a shock – it’s daily life for Palestinians in the West Bank.

Woman completes 10-year National Trust scone-tasting mission. Lovely to have a project…

Spring is coming: time to plan growing crops for the season ahead.

When the climate crisis brings despair, I cultivate my inner connection to nature – and find hope. I really need some time with my hands in the soil…

Salad shortages? They don’t worry me – I grow my own in a 8x5m plot. You can, too. I hate articles like this. Some people can do it, but you need a garden or an allotment. If you don’t have a garden, you can go on a waiting list. Some allotments have really cheap rent (mine is £130-ish a year), then have the cost of setting it up, you need tools, you need a place to put the tools. You could grow on windowsills but my flat doesn’t have any and good light, which my flat doesn’t have in abundance either. Then you have the cost of preparing and preserving it and I say this as a person who has just bought an extra fridge freezer for allotment produce. There are good reasons to try and grow some of your own food but it’s really unfair to suggest that everyone can do it and it’s easy. It’s not.

‘Scanners are complicated’: why Gen Z faces workplace ‘tech shame’. When I was 19, at a temp job, I once faxed a blank piece of paper to Hong Kong! Which is why I always take time to show people how to use the printers and scanners in the office.

In a tough era for women, Betty Boothroyd smashed parliament’s glass ceiling. The first Speaker of the House I remember was the one before Betty Boothroyd, Bernard Weatherill, who wore the wig and seemed to be everything traditional and home counties. When Betty became Speaker, it was such a shock to hear a northern female voice, and to see it sans wig.

How My Wife and I Took Back Our Sundays. I do this quite a bit, not every Sunday but most.

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