Monday Miscellany: November Blues

Happy Monday!

November is absolutely making itself known, the weather is terrible, my fringe is awry and I’m not enjoying life right now. I have had worse Novembers, this one isn’t even in the top 10 for me struggling, but even so, I’m more aware that I’m finding it harder to focus and get stuff done and I want to be asleep a lot more than normal. I’m doing all the usual things to cope with it and they are more or less helping, I’m just feeling (for no actual reason other than the time of year) a little more fried than I have been.

Last week, was busy. Work is busy, I said to colleague that right now, “I don’t know what to put my eyes on first”, there are lots of moving parts at the moment, which is better than not having anything to do but we all need for it to let up a bit. It’s seven weeks until Christmas and with any luck, we should be through the worse of it but we have a move within the office, a new hire, and a software upgrade in addition to our normal stuff, it’s a lot.

Outside of work, I was sociable again last week. There was a Grace dinner on Wednesday and dinner (and revelry) at Christelle and Mike’s on Saturday. Both were lovely but on Sunday I was broken (too much whiskey and dancing!)

This week, I’m in the office today and Wednesday for new starters and training. Tomorrow, we have a special delivery of paving stones for the plot. I’m having another people-y week, I’m out with the guys from work (to Flight Club) and there is Grace on Saturday night. (I know I’m going to be a complete gibbering heap if I keep this up!). I also have a bunch of prep for a couple of work things that I really need to start work on. The rest of the month will be quieter, there are some birthdays but not ones that I need to do anything about. In about 4 weeks time, it’s Ma’s birthday and we have family lunch, with the dog, so I really need to get the house cleared for that!

Have a good week people!

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