Monday Miscellany: Sleepless in Ealing

Happy Monday!

Alice in Wonderland for Grace

It’s been busy at work and I’m trying to be proactive at home. It feels like I have to finish all the things before more birthdays and Christmas come along to hit me in the face!

Over the last two weeks, I’ve went to Grace, saw Marina Hyde talk about her new book and there were shenanigans with Ma, involving whiskey! Like everyone else with a brain, I despaired over the state of the Government. Four chancellors in four months seems totally reasonable!

Although I have a entire month and a half before it happens, I’m wondering around the flat working out what needs to be moved before Barney the wonder dog turns up at the flat! He’s a very curious dog and he shows his love and interest by eating/chewing stuff (Labrador problems). Barney is joining the family who are coming over to celebrate Ma’s birthday at the beginning of December. The beneficial side effect is that the flat will be much tidier!

I’m dealing with my usual SAD sleep issues. People with SAD tend to sleep more in the autumn/winter but my sleep is weird anyway and peri menopause is not helping. Having said that I do feel that I’m coping better than usual but the clocks haven’t gone back yet!

Plans for this week are a flu jab this morning, lots of work including a trip to our Southampton office. I’m taking this Friday and next Monday off work. I just need a pause.

Have a good week!

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