Friday Links: Boris still isn’t gone

Happy Friday!

It’s been a while, here are this week’s links, please bear in mind that some of them are a couple of weeks old…

From Thatcher to Johnson: how right to buy has fuelled a 40-year housing crisis

Cancelled flight? Shoddy clothing? Disappointing meal? Blame skimpflation, the hidden curse of 2022

‘Eight arms pulling you down’: octopus boom prompts joy and unease in Cornwall

The Tories should hang their heads in shame: Boris Johnson is the worst leader we have known

Johnson is going – but he won’t leave until he’s dragged everyone down with him

Tory MPs indulge in a mawkish farewell for their poundshop Arnie

Demand for debt services by Lloyds customers jumps 30%. So people who can are consolidating debt and re-organising finances, which is sensible. Most of the people who can are doing this, I have. If everyone at this level is feeling it, then further down it’s going to be really biting.

How a great English city sold itself to Abu Dhabi’s elite – and not even for a good price

England Can’t Take the Heat

Metropolis meltdown: the urgent steps we need to take to cool our sweltering cities

I just moved to a four-day week, without losing any pay. It’s changed everything. I would so love for my company to adopt a 4 day working week!

‘It starts as a line of light, then works its way across my vision’: the disorienting mystery of migraine auras. I sometimes get auras and my are either a massive white circle in the middle of my vision in my right eye or black and white zigzags in my vision. Neither are fun. I did used to get tunnel vision, which was horrific but that hasn’t happened for a while.

‘They couldn’t even scream any more. They were just sobbing’: the amateur investors ruined by the crypto crash. I don’t really understand bitcoin but it was gambling, like the stock market, it’s just like putting your money on the horses.

The Spiders That Choose Death

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