Preserving the Plot: Rhubarb Cordial

We’re pretty much at the end of the rhubarb season. This year we had six crowns, which is a lot but four of them need some time so were only lightly harvested, having said that, I didn’t do a lot of preserving this year because we are still going through last year’s jars of compote.

So we gave some away, we ate some fresh, I make rhubarb cake and new for this year rhubarb cordial. I made three batches of this for the allotment open day bar and it went down very well. 

It’s very simple and although I haven’t done it, I think you could make it and can it like compote (water bath canning for 20 minutes) and it would keep, it’s something I’m going try next year when the rhubarb overwhelm is high.

I mostly drink it diluted with water (fizzy for preference) and lots of ice, although it also works with tonic and a crémant or prosecco (which is how we sold it at the open day!)

I used this recipe but added the ginger, orange and lemon as I fancied, each version was still lovely!

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3 Responses to Preserving the Plot: Rhubarb Cordial

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  2. Fairen says:

    Oh wow! Would love to see a recipe on this

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