Monday Miscellany: Sick

Happy Monday!

I woke up the Tuesday before last, with a cold, I’d had an itchy throat for a couple of days, but was testing negative on the many LFT’s, I couldn’t get a PCR test because they didn’t have any but it just felt like a bad cold and that’s what it’s proved to to be, but I’ve spent most of the first two weeks of the New Year indoors, working, dealing with nose bleeds and sleeping.

If my new year has not got off to the best of starts with the cold, the flat seems to be having a moment too. The toilet flush is broken (basically it won’t stop flushing unless you lift the cistern lid up!) and the centre bracket of the curtain rod in the living room has decided to come away from the wall. They are being fixed but it’s a pain.

On paper it’s not been a brilliant start to 2022 for me, on the other hand other people are having a worse start to the year (Boris Johnson, the England Cricket Team, Rafael Benítez, anyone working at 10 Downing Street!). All that to say, it’s not been the best start to the year but I’ve seen worse and I’m committed to survival.

So, in good things in 2022, despite a cold and the flat being a tiny bit broken, things are good for January.

I also got a thank you postcard from Ms T, aka god-daughter number six, her mother and I met when we did history A level on Reformation Europe and we’ve been to Hampton Court twice this year. Jo has form for sending me Tudor postcards, I’m really happy to see Ms T picking up the baton with my favourite of Henry VIII’s wives, Anne of Cleves. (Look she didn’t have to stay married to him, kept her head, got a palace, and got out from the control of her brothers, who married her off in the first place. That’s the definition of living your best life Tudor style!)

I have a walk planned on two days this week, I’ve done all the food prep and I’d like to get back to yoga every day again. Mostly, it’s work and reading and sleep because who is really all that energetic in January?

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