Monday Miscellany: 2022

Happy Monday and Happy New Year!

It’s still up

The weird time between Christmas and New Year is nearly at an end and I’m back at work tomorrow. I didn’t realise how much I needed the break, I feel better for having a rest, hanging out with my family and friends and having time to get to doing things at my pace. I fully accept that in the winter, my brain is slower than is idea and peri menopause has made that worse, so it was lovely to get around to things at my own pace. (This is hard on my mother who thinks at 1000 miles an hour and didn’t have any brain fog that I could see when she was going through peri!)

Hampton Court Kitchen Garden

Ma and I had a second Christmas dinner (beef) I got to hang out with the Gaulds at Hampton Court, go for a walk with Sue, there was some home improvement and general shenanigans. It was a good break and I’m heading into 2022 feeling refreshed if not entirely ready!

Today is a Bank Holiday here and I’m squeezing the last bit of fun with a visit to see Christina, Fred and Edie. There will be cocktails and baked goods and lots of admiring baby Edie and if I’m very lucky, seeing Tom, Yoey and Ivy and lots of admiring baby Ivy!

All in all I was thinking that 2022 was off to the best of starts given the circumstances. Yesterday there were two slight clouds on my horizon, my missing blueberry bush at the plot and last night’s encounter with a mouse. Goddamnit. It was running across the kitchen floor from the area around the fridge to the area around the washing machine, which is where I think they are coming in. It’s always January, they make themselves known. I spent this morning bleaching everything and redoing all the traps but I’m very, extremely unhappy about this.

Perfect Yorkshire Puddings (again)

The rest of the week will be working, we’re still working from home, so at least I can sleep in a bit later than if I was office bound. Obviously, the COVID/Omicron situation is fluid, but I’m expecting to be at home for at least the next two months, we’ll see.

Other things for next week, yoga everyday, sleep and getting back to a 10pm bedtime, getting the house tidy after the tree goes on Wednesday night and taking the first lot of decluttered stuff to the charity shop (it’s heavy and it’ll need to be done in sections!)

I hope that Christmas/New Year’s was kind to you and that you are able to head into this week and the rest of 2022 with enthusiasm and joy. Have a good week.

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