Monday Miscellany: The Week Before Christmas

Happy Monday!

I have five days to finish all Christmas related jobs! Over the weekend, I bought a tree and bought a lot of Christmas presents, I’m close to done with presents, so I’m sure it’ll be fine. I have today off, I was going to have a haircut but Jane’s husband has covid so we’re hopefully going to go after Christmas. I could have given the day back but instead decided that I would spend the day finishing presents, tidying the house and catching up on housework (I don’t know why the bathroom has to be cleaned before Christmas but there you have it!). The idea is that with most of my people at work now on holiday, I’ll be able to crack on with some things I’ve been meaning to finish and then I can break up for Christmas on Friday and not think about work until the New Year! We’ll see how that goes.


Last week was pretty low key. I had my booster on Tuesday and my body decided to have a lovely flu like reaction, I basically had two and a half days of feeling rubbish. I was at home anyway so I mostly worked and slept. We had a virtual Christmas party on Friday afternoon. I often get credit for these things but actually the person doing the quiz and his team are the heroes, for something over screens, it was fun.

Mostly, like everyone else in the country (and beyond) I’m wondering if and/or when I’m going to get covid and hoping to God it’s not before Christmas, I will absolutely cope if I had to be home by myself for Christmas, but I want to be with my family. The nephews are 12 and 6, my mother is 73, there is absolutely a time when I’m not going to spend Christmas with other people but while I can and the boys can communicate in full sentences (and it’s touch and go with the eldest!) I would like to enjoy that!

when you get focus completely wrong

Have a good week and fingers crossed that you all get to have the Christmas you want…

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