Monday Miscellany: Not a great week

Happy Monday!

Last week wasn’t an epic week, I had Monday off and worked from home on Tuesday and had a migraine on Wednesday. It’s dark and I’m off my game, the migraines have been better but sometimes they just strike from nowhere especially when I’m not as clued in for signs, I was away with the fairies on Tuesday, which was obviously a migraine warning. I rallied on Thursday and Friday, and then in the middle of Friday Night had a nose bleed, quite a bad nosebleed.

The middle of the night is the worse time to have something like this happen, especially when you live on your own and have white bedding. At 3am in the morning it felt like a veritable tsunami of blood and I was by myself and it took longer than 30 minutes to stop. It wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had but it wasn’t actually that bad (I’m blaming all the swabs I’m having to stick up my nose on a regular basis at the moment!), it did necessitate having to change the bed in the morning but worse things can happen.

On Saturday, it felt like winter finally decided to show up and show us it wasn’t mucking around. Ma came over, we sorted seeds and worked out what we needed to buy for next season and then trolled around to the plot to collect some produce and went to Sainsburys to buy fizz for Christmas (we are consistent).

Yesterday, I eventually got up and did some housework and some planning for this week and dropped off a blueberry bush (well at the minute it’s a blueberry stick) to a small friend.

It’s November so of course this cherry tree would be in blossom…

This week is all about work and prep for the event of December, not not Christmas, but my mum’s birthday! The plan is family lunch at mine so that will be fun (and chaos, with the littlest nephew involved!). In between, I want to get a start on things like cheese stars and mince pies and maybe even writing Christmas cards because it is Advent already….

At work we are motoring towards the end of the year, we have about three weeks before everyone starts going on holiday, so it’s busy and that’s mostly what I’m doing this week, being busy at work!

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