Monday Miscellany: November Sucks

Happy Monday!

I’m still finding November difficult but I’m starting to come out of it. This week, I got a grip on the flat because Sue and Richard came to dinner and inviting people to dinner is a guaranteed way to get me to clean and hoover (I am so my mother’s child!)

I also had the joy of a duck and a partridge from my boss which meant I spent some of Saturday, plucking and drawing the birds. It’s not pleasant but it is honest, if you are going to eat meat then dealing with the reality of it, the dead animal, is uncomfortable but worth doing. One of the things that the modern diet does is divorce us from the reality of how our food is made. If you eat meat, you should have to look it in the eye, if you eat ultra processed food you should deal with the reality of what it costs the environment.

Duck, not the best processing but I’m not experienced!

This week I’ve been incensed by the COP 26 mantra of go vegan. Mixed farming is the most environmentally friendly way to eat, it captures carbon and increases diversity. Eating ultra processed vegan food is not more environmentally friendly than eating ethically raised meat. And both of those things are too expensive for the majority of the planet. While I’m on a roll, why was food waste not on the list of things to talk about at COP 26? An estimated 40% of food the world produces goes to waste, in a world where people are starving, surely we can do better?


In other news, I finally got myself to a Grace service. It was reflecting on the end of COP 26 and there was communion, which I really needed. It’s always changing and it’s always the same. I was really excited to go to the December service, until I realised that I was going to Sarah’s that weekend!


So a pretty social weekend for me and I was feeling pretty good about life, on Sunday night I was cleaning the kitchen and discovered that I’d had an unwelcome visitor. I don’t like mice. I do check and clean often but there haven’t been any droppings, but I did find one in the traps this time last year and downstairs had a couple in January. So I need to go to checking once or twice a week and bleaching surfaces more ofter to make sure they don’t come back and set up home.


Plans for this week are about mice deterrence and work, I’m in the office Monday to Wednesday. Going to the office in a chunk of days was something that I decided to do after a couple of therapy sessions centred on how scattered I’m feeling at the moment, hybrid working is surprisingly difficult for me in winter.

I’m home on Thursday and working from a secret location on Friday. I’ll be away for the weekend but it’s secret, you’ll find out next week (it’s not nearly as exciting as it sounds I promise!)

Have a good week!

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