Friday Links: Corruption is a Tory Hobby….

Happy Friday!

End of the avocado: why chefs are ditching the unsustainable fruit

Mr Sunak, rising taxes and soaring prices do not add up to an Age of Optimism. A good budget, isn’t necessarily one which is good just for me, however, the budget will leave me nearly £300 a year less well off next year. As I said in April all of my utility bills and council tax went up to the tune of about £20 a month, my rent also went up in July. A lot of that was offset for me by not having to pay as much on travel. However, in next year all of that is due to increase again and with the changes to National Insurance, I’m going to be worse off. Please don’t mistake this for a whinge about how bad I have it, I have no dependents and so have options in terms of my spending that could offset some of the rises. The pandemic has shown us that there are a lot of people who don’t have those options and are barely breaking even now. If you were in my situation and earning less, or the same as me but have children, well then you have less options and less money and things are about to get even more horrible.

This fish spat with France is just another product of Johnson’s broken Brexit. It is electioneering, it’s also a loss of patience with Johnson and Frost and their complete lack of diplomacy and ability. I would say that it’s consequences…

Spurs have one of the great stadiums and all it cost them was the team. I’ve consistency said that Daniel Levy’s problem is that he can’t bear anyone else in the club being more loved than him. I couldn’t understand why he sacked Pochettino or appointed Mourinho, it was just silly and as it turns out, wrong.

Politicians talk about net zero – but not the sacrifices we must make to get there

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