Monday Miscellany:

Happy Monday!

The pink rose

I’m sitting down on Sunday morning to write this post about my week. Usually, I try to keep this one about my life and Friday Links is where I talk more about the world. However, the news at 7am this morning, reported that the Taliban had taken Jalalabad and the 11am news reported that they have entered Kabul. Last night mum was predicting the end of the month, I said the end of the week and we were both wrong. I have no words for what a complete failure the West’s intervention in Afghanistan has been, I was against it 20 years ago, this is a disaster and we did this. It was wrong then, but having done it, we shouldn’t be able to walk like this. We should be ashamed.

So back to the mundane everyday. I’m delighted to tell you that I’m still a qualified first aider but the first couple of days back at work were rocky. 600 emails in 7 and a half working days, obviously I manage diaries for a couple of people so a lot of it was appointments, but they need to be read so I can ascertain if they can be deleted and you have to manage the requests coming in because you’re back at work. It’s a first world problem, I still enjoy my job and it’s not a life and death thing!

Other news this week, I’ll talk on Wednesday about the sheer amount of produce we got from the plot at the weekend. I spent a lot of time sorting it out on Sunday.

I also got a birthday presents from Jo. Who says that she has to keep me off the gin so she bought me a plant and a trowel to help me plant it. Jo’s mother is a fantastic gardener, I wish I could garden like she does, so Jo has practice at buying for gardeners!

Jasmine ‘clotted cream’

Plans for this week are simple, I’m in the office Monday and Thursday, there will possibly be watering as currently there is no rain predicted until Saturday. I have no other plans. So no real change there.

Have a good week..

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