Monday Miscellany: This is 48

Happy Monday!

Obligatory Birthday Selfie

There was a week off and a birthday and I feel quite old and very tired, although that may have been all the weeding I did on the plot at the weekend! It rained quite a bit on my actual birthday (it always rains on my birthday – you would have thought that an August birthday would guarantee sunny weather but for the last 10 years not so much – climate change is real)

So recap of last week, I had a migraine on Monday and Tuesday. Not sure if it was the same migraine or two but it wasn’t optimal. On Wednesday, Ma and I went to Pitzhanger Manor to see the Julian Opie exhibit and to have a look at the house since it’s been restored.


Then lunch at Soane’s Kitchen.

I like old buildings and so on Thursday we went to Battle Abbey, which was fascinating and we managed not to get rained on until we got back to London.

For Friday, I didn’t get a 7am wake up happy birthday call from my brother (they’re on holiday!) instead I got a 9am wake up call! I was honestly a bit jealous, the Spanish weather was much nicer than the London weather! I know it was my birthday because Ma did my ironing.

We went to lunch and then the plan was drinks on the plot but the weather was not in agreement. We got extremely wet, so drinks at my house, instead.

Plans for this week, are work. I have a First Aid requalification course on Monday and Tuesday. I’m in the office later in the week but will work from home more this week as I think I’m going to have loads to catch up on!

Have a good week!

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1 Response to Monday Miscellany: This is 48

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy belated birthday and have a good return to work week.

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