Allotment Adventures: Borage Jungle

The plot is looking a little bit wild in certain areas, which I actually really enjoy. I have plans for a couple of more areas like this in the plot and the rose and pond area is looking a bit wild too. This area is humming with bees.


At the back of the plot is my favourite rose, which I have plans to move this year too, so we can see more of it.


We were given another tin bath and I had plans to fill it with strawberry plants, Sainsburys were selling strawberry plants for 90p so I bought five and voila, the strawberry bath.

Strawberry bath

The plants had one strawberry on them, this will probably be the only one I get this year but the alpine strawberries are settling in and starting to flower so we may get some of those.

First and probably only strawberry of the year

Other work was all about the brassicas. We planted the cauliflowers, kale and a few of the cabbages out, on the weekend, we will plant out the rest of the cabbages, the broccoli and the leeks and that will be all the beds planted up!

In terms of things to harvest, this weekend we got blueberries, potatoes, carrots, the last of the beetroot and herbs. Our usual summer crops are still behind but starting to flourish, the french beans, tomatoes and cucumbers are flowering and the summer squash won’t be too far behind. I picked an early raspberry today and reckon we’re about two weeks away from raspberries too.

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