Monday Miscellany: Commuting

Happy Monday!

Last week I only worked a four day week but I had two days in the office and goodness it was tiring.

On Monday, Sue and I went to Kew and it was lovely, because every day is a learning day, I learnt that there are badgers at Kew and allotments.

Sunflower at Kew Gardens on Monday

The commute was ok. But it was hot and wearing a mask does make it feel hotter, I left the house on Tuesday morning with perfect hair but it was wavy by the time I got to to the office and a disaster by the end of the day! Our new office is great and it was good to be in and see some my colleagues in the flesh for the first time in a year and a half.

The rest of the work week was at home and ok, Saturday was an allotment day and Sunday I was at Christina and Fred’s to see them and Tom and Yoey, and meet their babies. Both of them are extremely cute and given that we were in 30C heat, really good natured and happy.

I came home on Sunday evening needed to do loads but instead had a nap!

Today starts with the first of my two day mental health first aider course, which is in Marylebone, so it’s a different commute at least. I’m in the office again on Thursday. My oyster card is getting a work out this month!

Most of this week, will be spent being hot, we’re having another week of heatwave, and I shall be doing everything I can not to turn the oven on, while dealing with this ‘courgette’ that came in my Oddbox delivery yesterday!

Kettle for scale

Have a good week!

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