Friday Links: It’s been a long time…

Happy Friday!

So it’s been a while. My problem is there is so much corruption and incompetence that it just gets tiring. Priti Patel, Matt Hancock, Michael Gove, Dido Harding, Gavin Williamson and the big cheese, Boris Johnson. And nothing touches them. It’s just sad, that people in my country chose this. I am fed up. Some of them may be trying their best (I actually have my doubts about that) but they are not 5 year olds learning to write, they don’t deserve a treat for trying, they stood saying they were competent, that they could lead the country. If I was grading them it would be a F and see me after class…

So some links, not too much actual news because it’s all a steaming trash fire….

Only a full devolution reset can stop the UK splintering apart. I have been banging this drum for years, not just for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland but for the sake of England too. What’s happening right now is not fun and we need to do something about it but with the current govt. chances are rare.

The Real Threat to American Catholicism

‘Six chickens somehow turned into 60!’ Meet the families trying to live the Good Life in the pandemic. My mum sent this to me because she knows all about my Good Life aspirations…

‘I usually end up calling an ambulance’: why migraine pain is not just a bad headache. Ma also sent this link to me, maybe because I’ve had a headache all week and this is often a precursor to a migraine for me. I don’t know why, I assume it’s because of the rising levels of progesterone at the moment because of when it occurs in my menstrual cycle. The best help I’ve had has been from the practice nurse at my doctor’s, she also has migraines and we talk about management of that, when I go in for an asthma check up.

From classic to disposable: Gap UK closures reveal muddied identity. I’ve been predicting this for a while…

The myth of bedroom privacy

Trading up: one woman’s quest to swap a hairpin for a house

Hot tub health kick: why a long bath is almost as good for you as a long run. Told you!

Why am I so furious about teeth? They are deeply socially divisive

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