Monday Miscellany: Rain and Shenanigans

Happy Monday!

Last week started sunny but finished wet. On Friday we had a month’s worth of rain in one day (and yes I did get caught in it!). This week shouldn’t be quite as wet but I don’t think I’ll need to water the plot this week!

Summer weather

Other good things this week, on Saturday I went to see Christelle and Mike, for the first time in about 18 months, it was lovely to see them and to catch up. I’m naturally an introvert hermit but the friends I do have I would like to see more than every 18 months!

Lost teddy

The rest of the week was pretty usual and I don’t expect this week to be much different. The days do have a sameness to them at the moment, I expect in a couple of years time we’re all going to look back at 2020 and 2021 and see it as totally surreal although I mainly know introverts and we’ve all been, more or less, fine. I need to clean the house and pick up a prescription and work on getting my brain to switch off so I can get more sleep. Ma is also going to be here on Tuesday and Thursday because she’s not allowed in her flat while they do some asbestos related work. It’ll be fine but I know that she’s not happy, no-one’s else’s flat is as comfortable as yours!

Red roses are not my favourite but I’m really enjoying this one

Other things to get to this week are processing the 3kgs of rhubarb in the freezer, making a years worth of cocktail cherries and getting a service wash for the winter duvet.

While I’m over here, living the dream life of middle age, I hope you all have a good week!

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