Monday Miscellany: Entertaining, Football and Gin

We finally have proper summer weather, it’s warm and all the windows are open and fans are being deployed. It also means that I need to water the plot more often, I’m loving the gardening videos where they talk about hand watering and have a hose…..hand watering is me with two 10 litre watering cans and a through watering of the plot takes about an hour.

I’m not great in excessive heat but in this weather, I tend to get up about 6am and go to bed earlier because by about 9pm I’m too hot to be awake.

Last week, I had people that weren’t my mother in the house! Sue and Richard came for dinner. I cook for Mum all the time but I haven’t had anyone else in the house since last year, it was lovely but I’d forgotten the worry I have that people won’t have enough to eat. So I made enough food that I fed everyone on Friday night and Ma and I on Saturday and me on Sunday!

Saturday was World Gin Day and after a morning at the plot, Ma and I celebrated with a martini (in the big glasses). We had an early night, I was running on 6 hours of sleep and that along with the sunshine and gin seemed to tip me into the beginning of a migraine (all good things seem to cause a migraine right now – thanks perimenopause!).

This week I’m going to be mostly listening to the football, look everyone gets excited for cricket or Olympics or rugby, I like the football and I’m tired of people on social media being snobbish about it, it’s the best game and I even understand the offside rule. Although I don’t think they should have resumed the Denmark/Finland game on Saturday night but I’m pleased that Christian Eriksen is stable and hope he continues to recover. I’m was going to renew my first aid qualification in August anyway but this has been a great reminder of what knowing CPR and how to use a defibrillator can do…

Have a good week…

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