Allotment Adventures: She’s back!

There she is, the lesser spotted weeder. She’s was back for a brief time on the plot. She decided it was too windy to weed so we finished woodchipping the main path and topped up two more of the beds.

I also finished edging the rose garden/pond area. I’m happier that this is done as it’s a marker between the woodchip and the bed, eventually we’ll put a table and chairs up here so we have somewhere to sit and entertain or at least to admire the view! Though I’m hopeful that the thyme, campanula, eryngium and centaurea montana will take up some space, I’ll probably sow some other annuals in that bed to fill it out a bit more.


This coming weekend I’m on my own again because Ma needs to rest her knee, so I really need to sow broad beans and peas and get on with sorting out the squash bed and it’s next door weeds. They are the only things on my list because they really need doing. I have some time off over Easter so the aim is to have the plot ready by then because that is the weekend that the potatoes (all 12 pots of them) will be planted up and the start of my seed sowing extraganza, Easter weekend will be tomatoes, two weeks after that, I go mad with the summer and winter squash! To say nothing of the things that need to be sown outside…

It’s all happening!

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