Monday Miscellany: Month Three

Happy Monday and Happy March!

Giant Snowflake (leucojum)

I’m not in the best of physical health right now, I had a migraine yesterday and today my head hurts and I’d like to be in bed. However, I’m going to soldier on because very soon (tomorrow with any luck) the migrainey-ness (I don’t think that’s a word but go with it!) will stop for a bit. Generally, hormonal migraines do suck but I think they suck less than having migraines and not knowing why…

So, we’re in March. February wasn’t so bad, in the spirit of everyday being a learning day, I learnt how to drain a washing machine and unblock the drain! (plumber’s daughter!) and I taught a couple of my godchildren how to knit via zoom! As the weather warmed a bit (last week) I got back to the plot so it’s relatively tidy for the return of the Weedfinder General aka Ma!

Family – my great grandad, Aunt Phylis, Grandad, Aunt Edith and Aunt Ada

Last week, we heard that my great aunt Phylis had died. Grandad was emotionally if not physically close to his sisters. Phylis was the youngest of the four (by quite a way), she used to send us clothes (I had a very fetching orange pyjama all in one when I was about seven which I loved!) and cards although she spelt Ma’s name wrong every year too….

She was also the last one standing in that generation of our family, Mum has no more aunts or uncles and it’s really sad for her sons and grandchildren. We’ve lost a whole generation of our family and yes I understand that death comes for all of us but it’s still sad.


March is going to be full of things. Schools are going back next week, parents up and down the land are both happy and nervous! Mother’s Day is in 14 days and St Patrick’s Day is 17 days away. There is a ton of stuff to do on the plot and lighter days are happening.

March also marks a year working from home. Since the 18th March 2020, I’ve been in the office two days, once in the old London office to clear out lockers and once in the Southampton office to post goody bags to the team. I’ve since developed a close relationship with the lady at the Post Office in West Ealing! It’s strange how normal working from home is now, I can’t see that I’ll be back in the office before August (which I’ve always kind of thought that it would be August), because I know the roadmap is aiming for 21 June, but I don’t think that the phases are going to run as smoothly as everyone thinks and I’m not sure that I’ll be comfortable commuting every day until I’ve had a vaccine. We’ll see.

Anyway, let’s hope that this month is better than last month and this March is better than last year!

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