Allotment Adventures: Ready for the change of season

We actually did more than weeding and collecting this week!

The plot is still at the weird, messy and winding down stage we are still getting harvests but less squash and cucumbers and more leafy greens!

Winter Squash

We are still waiting on the rest of the winter squash and the last of the tomatoes, but have taken down the cherry tomatoes and the really poorly plants and I’ve stopped feeding them.

I have to confess, while I’m not at all ready for the dark days of autumn and winter, I am ready for the different type of work that winter brings, it’s less tending and more building. Once the squash and tomatoes are done, we can make a start on re-arranging the beds on the new half, and moving the compost bins and raspberries and setting up some support for the raspberries because they are all over the place in a way that the summer raspberries are not…

We might even manage to get a patio space built next to the pond and the rose garden but we’ll see how that goes.

I work we can do, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve planted another 10 cabbages and 40 winter lettuces, some of the lettuces perished in the mini heatwave last week. We’ve finished and closed up the cauliflower, carrot and courgette beds. We planted a bunch of spring bulbs but I need a good soaking rain before I can plant any by the pond, the soil is like rock!

Other growing work to do will be finding space for over wintering onions, garlic, shallots and broad beans.

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