Friday Links: You can only have good ‘A’ Levels if your parents can pay for private school.

Happy Friday!

So this year’s ‘A’ level results came out today and it is to put it mildly a shit show. If you are a bright kid from a disadvantaged area, you probably been downgraded. It sucks and part of me would like to think it’s just incompetence but a bigger part of me feels that it’s probably design. However to hear Gavin Williamson talk about students being over promoted because of exam results based on their predicted grades…..Has he looked at his cabinet colleagues?

Aside from that here are this week’s links…

Tenants Are Facing ‘Revenge Evictions’ After Demanding a Rent Reduction

This isn’t a tough new food policy for post-Brexit UK. It’s thin gruel and easy to set to one side

How the Pandemic Revealed Britain’s National Illness

I Hope This Is Not Another Lie About the Republican Party

How Suffering Farmers May Determine Trump’s Fate

The Other Way Trump Could Destroy the Next Presidency

Love the Fig

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