Monday Miscellany: Haircut day

Happy Monday! Today is going to be a good day because I get a haircut and I get to catch up with Jane! We also get a trip to Ikea which means that I get to sort out the cupboard of doom with uniform shelving. Look I’m 47 in 3-ish weeks, stuff like this is fun for me!

Having spend 99% of the last four months in the house, I’m much more aware of how I need the flat to function differently, so things are changing a little, starting with the cupboard. Before Autumn I need to change the living room to accommodate a desk and this is the start of that!

Other than today’s excitement, my week is going to be the usual work/allotment mix but with added exercise because the week long headache was not on! So more yoga more regularly although I’m told by Jo that daily PE with Joe has really helped!

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4 Responses to Monday Miscellany: Haircut day

  1. Neil says:

    It’s been a weird 4 months. I have nearly given up on my plot several times. Lots of effort nearly all destroyed by bugs and deer.

    • nicdempsey says:

      It’s been odd, hasn’t it? There was a point where I just didn’t want to go because I just couldn’t keep on top of it, losing all the gooseberries to mildew was a low point! I hope the bugs and the deer haven’t entirely defeated you!

      • Neil says:

        They came very close, but a friend pointed out it’s just a hobby. I probably over invested emotionally as I’m furloughed.

      • nicdempsey says:

        That’s really hard, I know what you mean, it is a hobby but we all work so hard to make our spaces grow, so it can be disheartening when nature eats it before we do!

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