Monday Miscellany: New Normal

Happy Monday!

Is anyone else struggling and out of sorts? I am, my boss is, most of the people at work are. It seems like everyone is feeling a bit discombobulated right now, for me it’s about things going back to normal but not going back to normal, the concept of the ‘new normal’ because of COVID-19 has been around a while but living it, is I think making people grumpy!

I had a good week, won the team quiz, worked on the plot, canned 14 jars of rhubarb for storing, it wasn’t the world’s most dynamic or most productive but I got to the end of it feeling ok about it.

This week, is going to be more of the same but I have been sleeping really badly so I really need to work on that but if I was boring before lockdown happened (I was) I’m just more boring now!

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1 Response to Monday Miscellany: New Normal

  1. Valonia says:

    I know quite a few people who are also struggling. I’m nervous about coming out of lockdown. There’s no escaping people where I live and work, and I just don’t know whether it’s safe – or I’m safe (my dad has copd so is high risk). These are definitely strange times, and I feel like we are existing in between worlds, never quite here or there.

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