Friday Links: A Government run by Bugs Bunny would be more efficient

On Wednesday mornings, Sean Bean is presenting a programme called Legacy of War, which explores the impact that war experiences had on entire families and down the generations. It’s been interesting last week’s was about John Beckett, who was a facist. To listen to his children talk about it and about him and about how they see their father’s attitudes writ large into today’s politics is alarming and relevant right now. Really worth a listen.

There has been a lot of news this week, and I can’t read about any of it. Marcus Rashford is brilliant and the UK govt is full of idiots, who couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery. So here are some links that are not about the trash fire that is my country this week!

What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever?

Percy Pigs for breakfast and sourdough by bike: the new food world that I won’t give up

New Zealand did ‘support bubbles’ first. Here’s what England can learn from them

Underworked but exhausted? That’s not burnout, that’s ‘boreout’

With time on his hands, our restaurant critic turns chef

How companies are selling the summer that isn’t

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