Friday Links: Rules and Instinct

Happy Friday!

Well it’s been quite the week. We have a government that is incompetent, heartless, clueless and weak. All of those traits have been on full display since the election and more so during the pandemic. So I have quite a few links on Cummings but Boothby Graffoe has summed it up perfectly! 

Cummings’ contempt for lockdown rules makes the public feel like fools

We endure these things individually because we understand ourselves to be also enduring them collectively. Cummings’ actions – and, even more, Johnson’s valorisation of them – strip away the second part. The big, communal and institutional structure that gives a value to the millions of individual sacrifices has been kicked away – in Johnson’s defence of Cummings, the only value is the individual “instinct” of the members of the ruling caste. To use the Blitz analogy that England apparently cannot escape, it’s fine to leave your lights on during the blackout if you’re an important person with documents to read.

‘People were like animals!’ How supermarket staff watched the coronavirus crisis unfold


The bailout of London’s transport network shows we are not all in this together

A sleep expert has some tips for your quarantine insomnia

I’m an NHS doctor – and I’ve had enough of people clapping for me

Matt Hancock is not OK. Someone really ought to furlough him


There’s sometimes a fine line between a government reacting nimbly to events and one that appears to be totally at sea. But right now Boris Johnson is working flat out to make it abundantly clear that his government has chosen to firmly come down on the side of complete cluelessness


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