Friday Links: Three More Weeks?

We skipped a week because of Good Friday and we are now still in Easter. About the only thing John Paul II ever said that I found inspiring was that Christians ‘are an Easter people’. This is the time, which is why Easter and spring make so much sense, when nature concurs with our faith (I feel that the folks in the Southern Hemisphere must have a harder time because the liturgical year is very out of sync with their seasons!)

Anyway enough chatter, here are some links!

It’s only a matter of time before Raheem Sterling gets it in the neck for coronavirus. I’m so cross about this.

Covid-19: Hancock’s call for a Premiership pay cut was pure populism. This is making a similar point but it should be made, Hancock should be ashamed of himself.

This Is Not the Apocalypse You Were Looking For

Leftist policy didn’t lose, Marxist electoral theory did

A house in the country: how the pandemic exposes ‘secret money’. This, obviously I don’t have a second home or secret money but this is what I’m feeling right now…

I am grateful. I wake up every morning both numbed and bolstered by how lucky our family has been so far. But our luck is only further to the point of how completely unfair, uneven and arbitrary survival feels in this present moment. I hope more of us realize that, for many people in this country, it has always been like that.

For millions, lockdown is not novels and quality family time but food parcels and hardship

Didn’t I Write This Story Already? When Your Fictional Pandemic Becomes Reality

This is Europe

Are western Europe’s food supplies worth more than east European workers’ health? We really need to have a proper conversation about the cost of living and wages that match. From there we can talk about the cost of housing and of food. Because all of these things are linked…

Coronavirus has killed 30,000 Americans, and all Trump can do is blame the WHO

Shirley Valentine. This is unexpectedly lovely!

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