Monday Miscellany: Up and Down

Happy Monday! How are we all doing? Before lockdown it was always a worry to me that Monday Misc was always the same, I was working either at work or on the plot and that was it.

Now we’re all doing the same thing every week, no one is going away, moving house or having dinner with friends or going out to eat, I don’t feel so bad about the complete sameness of my week. I had another bout of ‘peri-menopause flu’, but I wasn’t sure if that’s what it was on Wednesday night, as an overweight asthmatic, my chances of getting away with it aren’t if I do catch it. However, I was fine on Thursday, so thanks for the scare hormones and once this is over the GP and I need to have a discussion about some kind of HRT!

Other than that, I sowed some seeds, worked on the plot, went shopping, cooked, worked from home, only saw other people via facetime and read some books.

This week, I’ll only be working from home for three days, I have Thursday off and then it’s Easter. I shall be spending Easter in a sugar coma and have some Vimto jelly babies for the occasion which is just the combination of my dreams!

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