Monday Miscellany: March

Happy Monday and welcome to March!

March is a good month, in fact in March we get both the first day of metreorological Spring and the Spring equinox, it’s Women’s History Month and also World Book Day, International Women Day, St Patrick’s Day (St David’s Day but that’s not an excuse to drink Guinness!) Mother’s Day and the clocks go forward. Joy seems a lot closer in March for me it’s the month I start to feel a bit more myself because it’s not so dark.

Other plans for the month, well there’s sowing to do for the plot, Mother’s Day and my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday party and yes I am contemplating a massive ‘oh no 4-0’ poster. What are you all up to March?

But let’s talk about the week just gone because it was quite a week. At work we stepped up our Business Continuity planning (yes I’m sure you all know why!), I planned and hosted a drinks event for the company’s Foundation and I had another ‘inexplicable fever’. I’m still calling it inexplicable but the doctor says it’s a peri-menopause symptom, which sucks because they seem to be happening monthly and I’m not bouncing back as quickly as I used to! I have some blood tests this week but I’m worried he’s only testing for hormones (which go up and down) and not other things it could be. It took three years to get an asthma diagnoses because the doctors couldn’t see past my weight, now they seem not to see past my age!

Other than that work, thinking about the allotment and trying to get enough sleep (which is another thing that has gone even more missing recently and is perimenopausal…joy!)

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  1. Neil says:

    Roll on the light evenings.

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