Monday Miscellany: Theatre, Wine, Cinema

Happy Monday!

Last week was half term which meant that getting into work in the morning was somewhat easier and work was a lot quieter, which provided balance because going home was full of whiny children and I couldn’t book meeting because no one was in the office to confirm times.

So that’s work, home was pretty much the same, I had Thursday afternoon off, to go to the theatre and see A Number and then in the evening to see Parasite at the cinema. So culture and shenanigans with Ma!

On Friday I worked from home and on Saturday took many trips to Wickes for wood buying purposes.

I’m middle aged that was quite enough excitement for the week, so on Sunday I stayed indoors!

This week, I want to eat pancakes tomorrow, get ashed on Wednesday and it will be a busier week at work, we (as in my team) are running a bar for the work charity on Thursday night, which seems both like a good Lenten activity and a bad one! No weekend plans excepting the allotment and then it’s March. I’m fairly certain that time speeds up as you get older!

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