Monday Miscellany: Wind and Rain

Happy Monday!

Storm Dennis is over but most of Wales seems to be under water, the pictures are grim but please don’t tell me climate change isn’t real…

Eventually the sun came out but the weekend has been pretty grim. The week that came before it was ok, work was busy as everyone geared up for time off because of half term, which means that this week should be less busy and I can start to get some longer term things off my list.

It’s light at 7:30am in the mornings which makes me so happy!

This week I’m all about trying to get enough sleep, my sleep has got really erratic recently. I’m also struggling for motivation to do anything at the moment so I need to sort myself out.

I’m going to the theatre on Thursday afternoon and to the cinema in the evening, and yes I will be working from home on Friday!

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