Friday Links: Shuffle

Happy Friday! I’ve had another busy week so this is short on news from this week, which has been as absolute clusterfuck of terribleness…

Here are this week’s links…

Experience: I get drunk without drinking. The human body is weird..

Karen Pierce appointed first female British ambassador to US This is a very interesting appointment

Number of workers living in poverty rises for third straight year. We are heading straight back to the Victorian era. You see it with the sectioning off of the deserving and undeserving poor and this.

Mary Lou McDonald: Sinn Féin leader who may play Dublin kingmaker

Angel Lane Chippie, Penrith: ‘It doesn’t need changing’ – restaurant review. Where I live, the best place is The Golden Chipin Hanwell, but is a long walk from my house. Walking distance from my house is Andy’s, which used to be great but is merely ok nowadays (and really expensive). Nowadays, I mostly confine my fish and chip cravings and save them for Amble, we go to Harbour Fish Bar and it’s great but The Old Boat House is really lovely for a proper restaurant experience. But I am a Londoner and curry sauce and mushy peas are rank…

Flip flop: why is the first pancake always a dud? Use the Delia Smith recipe and get the pan really hot. You have about two weeks to practice!

America’s elite is plotting revenge. This is interesting but the truth is that if it happens, Trump and the Republican party still did it. The constitution is there to balance each side. The GOP and Trump are stomping over every norm, every process, they’ve rigged it so that they win every time. And reasonableness at some point snaps. So yes if this happens then America will have changed for the worst because at some point you can’t compromise without being walked over. Obama was reasonable, the GOP was not. Trump is not reasonable and neither are the 43% of American voters that voted for him. They don’t want compromise, they want capitulation and you can’t work with that.

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  1. Loved reading this thank yoou

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